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How to Interview Like A ProHow to Interview Like A Pro: Forty-Three Rules for Getting Your Next Job
by Mary Greenwood, which has won twelve book awards.


Getting a job is like parking. You have to be in the right place at the right time. In How to Interview Like a Pro, author Mary Greenwood provides strategies and practical tips about how to prepare for job hunting, how to interview, and how to seal the deal.

Greenwood, a longtime human resources director, provides insight into how get ready for an interview, how to answer those difficult questions, and how to negotiate salary. Her guide can also help you understand the laws of interviewing and the questions an employer cannot legally ask. How to Interview Like a Pro offers forty-three essential rules to give you the edge. Learn how to

A blend of reference materials, case studies, state and federal resources, and checklists, How to Interview Like a Pro can give you the edge to get the job you want.




How to Mediate Like a ProHow to Mediate Like a Pro: 42 Rules for Mediating Disputes
by Mary Greenwood, which has won twelve book awards.



For over twenty-five years, Author Mary Greenwood has been resolving disputes in her professional career as an Attorney, Mediator, Human Resources Director, Union Negotiator, and Labor Arbitrator. Her book How to Negotiate Like a Pro, Which has won six book awards, was based on her experience as a Union Negotiator. The sequel How to Mediate Like a Pro is based on her experience as a Mediator in over 7000 cases.

Greenwood noticed that there were certain Rules or characteristics of The cases that settled that were not present in the cases that did not settle. Among those Rules you will find the following:

Greenwood lists each Rule and Script and offers a concise explanation on how and when to use it in Mediation.How to Mediate Like a Pro presents strategies and practical tips for the Mediation process. It will give you insight on how to deal with difficult parties, how to break an impasse and how to close the deal. After you read this book, you will be able to Mediate Like A Pro.


How to Negotiate Like a ProHow to Negotiate Like a Pro: Third Edition 41 Rules for Resolving Disputes, winner of ten book awards.
by Mary Greenwood



If you can’t seem to get what you want, it’s time to learn How to Negotiate Like a Pro.

In this second revised edition of How to Negotiate Like a Pro (the first edition won six book awards,) Greenwood, an attorney, negotiator, and human resources director with over twenty-five years of experience, adds new and revised chapters and provides the tools and strategies to negotiate anything, anytime, anywhere, including your spouse, your boss, a hotel or an online seller on eBay. Here’s a sample of tips you will get:

With Greenwood’s forty-one rules, you will be soon be negotiating like a professional.